Bausch & Lomb Ray Ban Wayfarer B&L5024 Frame 1960's

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  • Description:
    -RARE Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses  by B&L
    -Really rare version
    -Original Vintage Sunglasses by B&L, U.S.A.
    -Excellent condition
    -Made in U.S.A.
    -RARE model
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  • Wayfarer: the downright classic of sunglass fashion, worn by Don Johnson in "Miami Vice" in the 1980's, often copied, never matched; truly vintage by B&L, limited edition: spotted tortoise. NO retro Italy-Wayfarer; authentic old USA-original

    • Ray-Ban invented the pilot glasses and the Wayfarer-design. Countless movies have made Ray-Ban sunglasses like the “Wayfarer” immortal. The US brand sponsors selected sports events with special editions of its classic sunglasses. Our stock of glasses only includes the old Ray-Ban originals from Bausch & Lomb, USA.
    • Description
    • Made for Men/Women
      Made in America
      Colour Light Brown Tortoie Shell
      Lens No Lenses
      Product no. B&L Ray Ban USA
      TYShades grading 2
      Original case Yes
      Lens width 48mm
      Lens depth 40mm
      Bridge width 10mm
      Temple width 140mm
      Temple length 140mm