Kiss and Kill KK639S Aviator Sunglasses

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  • Fervidus sunglasses Kiss&Kill
    -Elegant design with finely finished details
    -Crazy combination between Black, Red Graphite Grey frame and Gradient Grey lenses
    -Complete with HQ High Quality glass lenses in Grey version
    -With generic case
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  • Description
  • Made for Men/Women
    Made in USA
    Colour Graphite Grey
    Lens Gradient Grey
    Product no. KK639S
    TYShades grading 2
    Original case No
    Lens width 60mm
    Lens depth 50mm
    Bridge width 15mm
    Temple width 150mm
    Temple length 145mm

  • Kiss&Kill sunglasses are the kind of sunglasses by which you want to get caught. You want to walk past a window, double-take, and stare blankly at the little display of wonders. You want to take it all in, and decide which one would truly be more perfect. You know what you think, but you don't quite know what you know yet. Give it time. You'll find your perfect pair.

    The Kiss&Kill KK639S Fervidus in light havana yellow with grey gradient lenses are a perfect throwback to simpler times. When the winds were hot, the rush was constant, and all we had to do was put one foot in front of the other. The going was always good, and that is a fact worth remembering. But Kiss&Kill takes it one step further with this design. This Kiss&Kill eyewear asks why it had to end, and if it can't begin again.

    Kiss and Kill sunglasses

    Although it might be fun, this pilot style Kiss&Kill eyewear is definitely not a toy. It is a legitimate philosophical and aesthetic question. When do we grow up, and why? What should it really mean? Why can't we take back the part of our identity we feel like we gave up? If something is fun, and doesn't hurt anybody, we should do it. Right?

    Kiss Kill sunglasses

    In black with brown lenses, the Kiss&Kill KK654S Adulor is like a strong coffee on a cold morning. In fact, if they weren't lips on the temple, they would almost certainly be coffee beans. That's just shorthand for invigoration.